I was originally introduced to Ash Ambirge through an earlier email project of hers called "The Middle Finger Project" which resulted in a really great book of the same name.

During that time period Ash launched a paid email course about how to write better named Meat & Hair. Once the email course sequence was completed (and it was a great course) messages from Meat & Hair basically went away... until now.

Ash has relaunched Meat & Hair as a free daily email newsletter that contains fantastic examples of grab-em-by-the-throat copywriting along with Ash's witty insights which are usually NSFG -- Not Safe For Grandma (unless you have a Grandma like mine).

Meat & Hair is pretty much the first email I read everyday and I save each issue to a Gmail folder/label for speedy future referral for whenever I need to add some punch to my storytelling.

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